“Just when you think you know the answer, they change the question. Can you keep up?”

We now live in a world where nothing is certain. One day, you think you’re doing the right thing, the next thing you know, it’s wrong. You think your degree program has high demand but, once you graduate, you’re considered surplus. Possession is temporary and knowledge is only as good as the last book you’ve read.

An example of how boredom can be a good thing. It feels great to actually work on something personal and not client-related. No limitations, no bosses. This tested my patience because I had to use the pen tool and a lot of gradient work to make it look 3D, but I’m quite satisfied. 

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…Rui Ricardo…


Rui Ricardo

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My band is taking a little trip to Spring Green, WI tomorrow…

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So I took some time today to check out last Saturday’s issue of The Philippine Star so that I could see how my work was featured. Turns out, there were a lot of works that were featured on what was a full-page dedication to the recent Habagat floods. It’s a new feeling for me since I didn’t really expect that anything would happen to this quickly made poster. But hey, it’s not everyday that I get to see my work published on a newspaper. :))

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So as you guys may or may not have known, I’ve been using a new Tumblr blog for a few months already, and I just want to show you followers (on this old Tumblr), my progress so far. Anyway, this is a subtle invitation for you guys to follow my new tumblr, HERE. Thanks guys! :))

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Billy Blue

Art and creative direction by Motherbird, a design studio based in Melbourne.

“Billy Blue College of Design, a school created by industry for industry. Holding true to their chief ideology that industry permeates everything they do, Billy Blue asked Motherbird to create a campaign to announce the launch of their new Melbourne Campus.
Working from the starting point of a journey, a narrative was storyboarded with a single frame each representing one of Billy Blues principles: Thinking, Making & Connecting. Paper models were constructed, photographed and retouched, becoming the hero images of the campaign. The result was a series of images that blur the line between tangible and intangible, tactile and digital. Each model was in itself a journey and a true labor of love.”

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Clara Fernandez  |  http://behance.net/cla

Graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Focused on design, illustration and typography.

the design blog:  facebook | twitter | pinterest

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Dinosaurs are back on the prowl in Darius Twin’s amazing light paintings.

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A work consisting of over one million pieces of paper in over 40 different colours. The sheets are sequenced and stacked against opposite sides of the same wall. By Peter Wegner

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Flower Illustration 3, Michele Valdez


Flower Illustration 3, Michele Valdez

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Pan tu nie stał  |  http://pantuniestal.com

Pan tu nie stał, meaning You Were Not Standing Here,is a Polish design blog created by sociologist Justyna Burzyńska and graphic designer Maciej Lebiedowicz, who are heavily inspired by vintage Polish designs from the 1930s onward. But that’s not all: they also have a shop by the same name, which features clothing, home decor, accessories, and paper products.

the design blog:  facebook | twitter | pinterest

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Located just outside the small town of Tilting on the eastern end of Fogo Island, Squish Studio sits atop a rocky strip of coastline that could rival Italy’s western coast. The ground beneath the studio is so rocky and uneven that the southern end of the building is raised up by 20 feet to maintain a level floor surface inside.

Designed by Saunders Architecture, Squish Studio provides all its own heating and power. It is equipped with a compost toilet, a small kitchenette, and a wood-burning stove. Power is supplied by stand-alone solar panels, mounted on an adjacent hilltop. At night, the studio, illuminated by the soft glow of its solar-powered lighting, appears as a lantern or a lighthouse placed strategically on a rocky cliff, overlooking the North Atlantic.

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